People in your church and community are hurting and need to know the love of God.

How Can I Help?

How would you like to offer visitors to your church website a free email course like How To Know God Loves You?  What about an easy reading series of emails based on 1 Corinthians 13 - The 13 Points Of Love?


How about offering your members training in how to study the Bible for themselves [Feed Yourself]?  Or a course on How To Succeed In The Christian Life or How To Pray Effectively?


What about offering a word of encouragement to the discouraged with God’s Word To You - a personalized selection of Scripture send once a week for a full year?  Or 90 Days Of Thanksgiving - a different Scriptural prayer of thanksgiving send every day for 90 days?


Do you think that would help to build the people in your church and your community?  You can easily offer them, and more, on your own church website.  Once they are set up, they run automatically with no further work from you or your staff.  Also, you can easily edit the content to your specific needs and customize them with your service times, contact people or anything that works in your situation.


Is there any other way I can help?  I will if I can.

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